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Overview: Get ready for the 7th Annual Ashanti Pageant, a magnificent event dedicated to celebrating African American excellence and empowerment. Taking place on April 20, 2024, at the prestigious Grady Cole Center in downtown Charlotte, NC, this pageant serves as a fundraiser for the 11th Annual Charlotte African American Festival. The crowning ceremony, a highlight of the event, will commence at 12:00 PM. 


Pre-Pageant Activities: Leading up to the main event, participants can engage in free empowerment workshops aimed at fostering personal growth and confidence-building. Workshops will be held on Saturdays at 9:00 am online. Additionally, an exciting online voting contest is underway, where each vote costs just $1.00. Winners from each age division will earn the prestigious title of a 2024 Ashanti Pageant Queen. 


Age Divisions and Queens: The Ashanti Pageant offers an empowering platform for African American females of all ages, starting from 6 years old and up. Participants will be categorized into three age divisions, each representing famous African Queens: 

Queen Makeda (Age 6-12).  

Little Miss Queen Ty (Age 13-18):  

Queen Cleopatra (Age 19 and up):  


Registration: To join this empowering experience, interested participants can register online at CLT Entertainment. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the 7th Annual Ashanti Pageant and make a difference in your community. Join us as we celebrate African American culture, beauty, and excellence at the 7th Annual Ashanti Pageant. Let your inner queen shine and inspire others as we come together for a day of empowerment and unity. For more information, visit CLT Entertainment.  


Prizes: The 7th Annual Ashanti Pageant promises fabulous prizes fit for royalty, rewarding winners with recognition, prestige, and valuable gifts. Each crowned queen will receive: 


Crown: A symbol of regal elegance and distinction, the crown will adorn the head of the winner, marking her as the epitome of beauty and grace. 


Sash: Embroidered with the title of the respective queen, the sash will be proudly worn by the winner, signifying her status as a representative of the pageant and her community. 


One-Year Reign: The winners will embark on an unforgettable journey as they serve as ambassadors of the Ashanti Pageant for a full year, participating in various events and engagements to promote empowerment and unity. 


Prizes: In addition to the symbolic accessories, winners will also receive an array of valuable prizes, ranging from gift certificates and sponsored merchandise to exclusive experiences tailored to their interests and aspirations. 

These prizes not only recognize the achievements of the winners but also serve as tokens of appreciation for their dedication, talent, and commitment to empowerment. The 7th Annual Ashanti Pageant aims to reward excellence and inspire future generations to pursue their dreams with confidence and determination. 

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